About me

I am Pin-Hao Chen. You can also call me Andy Chen. Before moving to the U.S., I completed my training as a licensed clinical psychologist in Taiwan. In 2016, I received my Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience under Professor Todd Heatherton’s supervision. Since I am interested in interdisciplinary research, I use¬†functional neuroimaging¬†methods in cognitive neuroscience and experimental methods in social psychology as my primary research tools.

My interest in self-regulation drives me to investigate what makes individuals successful in self-regulation. Following this interest, I develop training programs to help individuals improve self-regulatory ability. Particularly, I have developed a smartphone app called Appetite to help dieters enhance their control over eating urges.

In parallel to my interest in self-regulation, I am also interested in understanding what drives immigrants to acculturate in a different cultural context. I specifically explore neural mechanisms that drive immigrants to acculturate and use a brain-as-predictor approach to predict their acculturation outcome. Extending from my research on acculturation, I start my new research in Luke Chang’s lab on how culture influences social interaction and symptom expression using a computational approach.